Flamingo Land and other tales

Yes, I know theme parks are garish and noisy and busy and not exactly cultural meccas. But the kids? The kids LOVE them. See?

That be unadulterated joy.

We planned our visit of Flamingo Land about half way through our break, so kids weren't completely exhausted and we had barganing power.....

We (Greig) bought our tickets ahead of time from the Whitby Tourist Information office and got a decent percentage off the on the gate price and we didn't have to pay for Grier as she's not three yet, although she is mighty fierce as regular readers will know.

On the day, because we had tickets already we didn't have to queue to get in which added to the kids excitement as they ran, shrieking, through the gates. We didn't have to queue all day actually which was fab. Those signs which say 'the wait from this point is one hour' strike fear into my heart. Seriously? The park is only open for 8 hours so how do you go on more than 4 rides if you have to wait an hour to get on one?

There was plenty to keep the kids busy and even at 2 and 5 there were only a few rides they wanted to go on and were too small for. They loved the giant pirate soft play and it gave Greig and I a chance to reload our parental enthusiasm for the next part. The animal attractions provided a slight respite from the frenzied pace of the rides. Even though the park seems large it's very accessible for families. Brodie walked for miles without complaint because there was so much for him to see on the way. We had planned to return to the splash pad and water ride but we just didn't get the time to, but if you plan to use it I'd take a towel and change of clothes or swimming gear.

My only quibble would be the food on offer at the park. I wasn't really expecting healthy options or gourmet standards but the only gluten free food I managed to track down the whole day was a bag of Aero mint bubbles, a plain salmon fillet and some boiled rice. We did speak to the Customer Information people who assured us that several restaurants served gluten free options but guess what? They didn't. I should have taken more food from home but we were already weighed down the all the kid paraphanelia. Lesson learned.


The day after 'Mingo Land we spent the morning at Robin Hood's Bay. Such a gorgeous place. The beach was stunning, some lovely little cafes and shops, but you know the beach. The kids are all about the beach.



Tsk tsk.

This is in Whitby again. This photo taken from the back step of our little holiday cottage. Grier referred to this viaduct as the 'flying duck' every day. So on our last morning we took a stroll over this disused flying duck under the rain clouds which ushered us home to Scotland.

And finally, (thank goodness say you) despite my very best efforts I completely failed to take a passable photograph of the four of us together. But I thought you might appreciate a giggle at my fails.

Head chop, eyes closed, wild, screaming child. Check.

See how those buildings behind us are in perfect focus and the actual human people not so much? Sigh. There's always next year!