This Life

The first week of the summer holidays is done. We didn't plan much and we didn't do much. And surprisingly the kids got on really well. They were spookily co-operative and played together really well. Next week we have plans to catch up with friends and to see Nana and Grandad when they get back from the US.

helping daddy

listening to brodie 'read' grier a book might just be the best thing ever.

drawing and cutting in the tent

making smoothie ice lollies

the kids new swingset arrived and i was pretty determined to build it up. this is as far as i got.

too many bolts. note the hello kitty ruler i was using to measure them. nightmare

by the magic of 6 more hours of overnight construction we managed to get it put together for a pyjama session the next morning.

this dinoasaur has been living the life of riley thanks to grier. it has been bathed, fed, cuddled and entertained all week.

you bet your ass i do. love my new cup too

daily yield

summer holidays are for staying up late til daddy gets home from work with some hot chocolate and a digestor biscuit. yes digestor

mummy I think i have some cheese on my nose. uh huh

and yes, this week we mostly wore pyjamas. it was ace.