This Life

it's been so lovely to spend so much time with grier this week. she is frankly hilarious. i need to write down the stuff she says so i can share it with you.

brodie had a day off school as he wasn't well but he's bounced back and enjoyed the second half of the week. he's still happy to go to school but thinks it probably lasts a bit too long. fair point.

and i have been having crazy, crazy dreams. i always dream fairly vividly but pregnancy hormones just ramp up wth crazy it seems. the best so far was meeting tim riggins. he had strangely small hands. clear eyes, full heart, can't lose.

galaday fun

happy, happy, boy, joy

pfffft. homework

central scotland your blackberries are top notch this year. our colander runneth over.

this sand stuff that you can model underwater but which 'dries' as soon as you take it out of the water is fascinating. and messy.

i should pony up the paints more because grier is in heaven when creating a painty mess.  i mean art.