This Life

What a week this has been.

A whirlwind and one we will never forget. We are tired, some of us are very emotional*, we are adjusting and finding our way. And we are so very happy.

Physically this has been my easiest recovery without a doubt. I know I'm only a week from giving birth but my body feels better and my mind is clearer. Brodie and Grier are doing really well coping with the changes and we are trying to remember to find extra bits of time for each of them when the baby is sleeping.

I cannot believe my baby is a week old. I said something in my last post about Baxter being our last baby, and he probably is. Three feels like a good number for us but I know better than to say never, ever because who knows what the future holds. For that reason though I'm trying to sniff his head a little longer and watch the expressions which flash fleetingly across his beautiful face a little more intensely so that I might remember them forever. 

*that would be me. Feeling all the feelings, all the time.

on the morning of the day baxter was born grier insisted on making the baby a chocolate cake.

see mum? it worked, the baby came out for chocolate cake.

baxter is the only one of our babies who cooked long enough to have dry skin

brodie playing wii and supervising baxter's nap in a suitably relaxing position

i'm not sure power tools were completely necessary to build the bouncy chair but whatever makes them happy

now this must be like looking in some weird time travelling mirror. greig seeing what he looked like as a baby and baxter seeing himself as a grown man. weird i tell you.

edible baby

i must apologise for the splashfest which was your first bath baxter, they just really, really wanted to help.........