So it's not often I upload photos from my camera to my computer, view them on the screen and  think 'nailed it'. Usually I see technical errors, silly mistakes and missed oppotunities. But that's how I improve (I hope).

This morning the stars aligned and I had the chance to take some photos of Baxter. It was sunny and I knew the light would be great for photos. Greig was here to help me, Baxter was a happy little soul so we went for it. And when I opened up the files I thought straight away 'nailed it'.

These so perfectly capture my 2 week old boy. He loves, loves, loves to be cuddled. He is starting to have more awake time when he looks into your eyes and sees your soul as only tiny babies can.

His eyes are still a little red - the result of his super quick birth - but they are so expressive already. And he looks so like Brodie yet I know it's Baxter from his expressions.