This Life

This week saw the end of Greig's paternity leave, although he has some more leave planned for another couple of weeks so it's been a nice gentle lead into full time looking after 3:)

It's been such a nice stay in the 'baby bubble' for almost three weeks. This the most time Greig has taken off after welcoming a new baby. He worked more over Christmas and New Year to save days to take after Baxter arrived which I may have been slightly mardy about at the time - heavily pregnant and all that.

What I will remember most is how much we have all laughed. Even in the most ridiculous of circumstances we can laugh at/with each other and the unimaginable and improbable things which happen when you have young chldren. Obviously there have been body fluids involved - I'll spare you the details - for now! It sounds like a cliche but a new baby brings so much happiness.  I feel like I must kiss his beautiful little face a thousand times a day and he is never short of Daddy or brother and sister cuddles.

But life has to get back to 'normal' eventually. The weather has been really bad so I've been very grateful for help with the school runs but I've managed to keep everyone fed, cleanish and reasonably happy for 2 whole days. Grier has been wearing one purple and one red glove and a slightly clarty jacket all week. Brodie brought home the wrong book bag so there will be no homework done this weekend. My washing machine is running 24 hours a day it seems and my hair is so long I resemble Michael Mcintryre with even bigger eye bags.

first bottle

art by grier titled 'big guy and wee guy'

you're boring me....

so much I fell asleep with my pink seahorse

snow angel

snow angel maker