This post has been sitting in my draft folder since the day before Baxter arrived.....

Brodie was lucky enough to be swathed in beautiful handknitted clothes, mostly made by his fantastically talented Granny Morag. He had hats and mitts and bootees and blankets and a beautiful shawl to be wrapped in. He had cardigans and coats and pram covers all one offs and made just for him.

I couldn't knit at all then. Although every once in a while I would ask Morag to show me how to knit and she was always very patient with me and I always ended tucking away a sad little triangle which was supposed to be a scarf or a blanket that I had given up on.

When I was pregnant with Grier I had another go and was slightly more successful. I knitted a blanket which I didn't quite finish. I also attempted a little coat which somehow came out twice as wide as it should have been. For her first Christmas I knitted her a pair of soft shoes and I was pretty much hooked since then. It goes without saying that Grier also had many, many beautiful handknits created just for her by Morag.

I would still say I'm a novice knitter, I still give up on way more than I finish but the process of creating is good for the soul and knitting is meditative in it's own way. I've learned though library books and the internet mostly and of course Morag is always on hand should I need an experts help.

This baby has the blanket I started for Grier and lots of hats and a box of Granny knitting waiting to be delved into. I read recently that the next best thing to holding a new baby is knitting for one. So when the baby we're waiting for doesn't want to cuddle on my knee anymore I'll knit for the babies of our families and friends and remember a time when I knitted for my own.

I knitted this suit for the new baby and it's probably the piece of knitting I'm most proud of.