Back on it

So October has been a bust blog wise. No fancy crafty posts. No carefully crafted pieces on the joy of motherhood. Even lacking in posts which consist of too many photos of the Cameron children barely linked with non witty repartee.

I blame it on all the vomit we've been cleaning up. I'd tell you the whole story but the short version is probably more than enough. It goes like this. Sick bug, vomit, hand sanitiser, anti bacterial spray, sick bug laughs in the face of pathetic attempts to contain it. Much, much more vomit.


I don't think I ever need to use that word again do I?

I'd like to say we're over it now but that's probably just inviting round 2 so I'll just say we are safely 24 hours without any, you know, vomit............

But before that happened we had our wee break in Perthshire.

country gent

did you spot the baby?


driving to get the baby to sleep. he slept for about 20 minutes whilst his big siblings snored gently for over an hour.........

it was a lovely getaway, a bite sized adventure filled with all of our favourite things. you can see what we got up to last October here and here.

back home the baby rocked his legwarmers

some very orderly printing was undertaken by the artist in residence

I took these about ten minutes apart. she went from posing to full on zzzzing while listening to grand old duke on repeat through her headphones.

i watched him sleep for a long time. i never want to forget the peace which washes over you when you watch your baby sleep. it is magical.

And with that eclectic mix I'll call it a night! Halloween preparations are well under way. Look forward to sugar crazed antics coming your way soon (ish).

Hope you have fun whatever you get up to this weekend