Baxter at 9 months

Baxter is 9 months today! An outside baby for as long as I carried him inside.

He is crawling, sitting up and pulling up. Has no interest in toys, only potentially hazardous household objects. He is often smiley and happy and chatty although sometimes not so keen on strangers. He is very cuddly which I'm certainly not complaining about. And his first two teeth have broken through!

We've been a bit #teamnosleep this month. Maybe it's teething, maybe it's developmental maybe it's just mental but we've seen the hours between midnight and 7 far more often than I'd like. It's been a timely reminder of how getting less than optimal sleep turns me into a blithering idiot. But I also know that this is just a phase and he's slept through before and will again.

He has lengthy conversations with Brodie and Grier and school pick up time is his favourite. He almost never gets to a wake up from a nap as I'm always lifting him to pick up Grier or Brodie but he usually wakes up in the best mood.

Loves bananas, toast and skiddling with his water cup. Loves visiting Great Granda's house and having a chat with him. Loves people willing to stop and smile.

Love him.

In these photos he's wearing a set he was given by a friend when he was born. It's from Polarn O Pyret and I think it's fab. The size on the label says 4-6 months but it's still going strong and I think I'll replace it with a bigger size when I need to. And then probably sob as I pack this one away......

PS Grier at 9 months