This Life

Two weeks since the last blog update. A lot can happen in two weeks and a lot probably has. But I'll be darned if I can actually remember much.

Grier corrected me when I explained that amber was a type of rock. She reminded me that it's actually a fossil. So that was nice.

Baxter takes my breath away every day with his daring moves designed to make my hair grey even faster.

Brodie is now reading absolutely everything he comes across, no tabloid headline or street sign is safe from my little word master.

We debated whether Baxter was too small to come to Fireworks Night but I'm glad we all trooped along. He might not remember being there but Brodie and Grier will remember us all being together. Sometimes it's good to step out of our routine. The best bit was watching Brodie dance to the music with complete wild abandon. 


And now I think I will declare that Winter is really happening. I'm so looking forward to lots of things we have planned over the next month or so. I am busily trying to get things organised so that I can enjoy lots of family time over the holidays. It's all a balance isn't it? Getting ahead so you can slow down a bit.

You can see our firework adventure from a few years ago here