I'll draw him

I made this a few years ago. I used it to announce that I was expecting Baxter. I took it off the wall months ago when we redecorated our hallway after all the loft conversion fun was finished with. I rearranged our pictures, swapped some around and put this into the pile of - don't throw it away but no idea what to do with it yet - things. I hoped that at some time in the future I'd be able to update with a little figure to represent Baxter but it wasn't high priority (sorry Baby B).

It has sat in the craft/junk room since then. Until a few weeks ago when Grier found it. And she carefully undid the hooks at the back. And she drew Baxter in where he should be - she told me that I'm holding him because he can't stand up on his own yet. And then she presented me with it and told me to hang it back up.

And I think I stood there with my mouth open for about two minutes. I couldn't believe that she had taken the initiative to include her little brother. I couldn't believe that the injustice of him not being included had moved her to do it for herself.

Of course I hung it straight up. I liked it before but now I know I will keep it forever. And I'll probably tell her the story of how it came to be a million times because she is just amazing. She often shows her love by creating things for us but this might be the best one ever.

I am still amazed that being big siblings is (mostly) the best thing ever for Brodie and Grier. That they can't, don't, won't remember a time before Baxter.