Halloween 2015

That rhymes:)

I like lots of people have been a bit humbug about Halloween.

But the kids are so attracted to the idea of celebration and festival and sweeties. So for the last few years our Halloween has become more and more elaborate. And this year I realised that actually it's fun for me too, by association. There's no pressure to buy the right presents or do the right things or make everyone happy. Although you should try and and avoid those things at other types of the year too.

Greig also pointed out to me that it's a time for kids to think and speak about frightening things safely and something which is potentially a bit scary is also a bit exciting no?

That and the fact I have friends who drive more than a hundred miles to dress up as Mario and Luigi just to see the smiles, what's not to love?

Grier's design

Trying to get some them to eat spaghetti dyed with food colouring before the sweetie feast began. Not a complete fail...........

Jelly worms and oreo dirt for pudding......


Brodie asked to be a Quaken, which is a silver dragon for you uneducated folk. I used a plain hoodie added wings and a tail. Made a mask which turned out looking a bit like a triceratops - oops- and added some talons to some cheap gloves. It was simple and he loved it. Grier fell in love with a pound shop costume - a pink skeleton - which was even easier:)

Brodie's design


It's a look.


Battering a pinata with lightsabers was the crowning glory to a fab evening.