10 months

Those pesky teeth finally arrived last month, 4 teeth in 4 weeks and you have been sleeping so much better since they arrived Baxter. I only wish there weren't so many more to come through.....

We've noticed this month that your clogged tear duct has resolved itself which is what we were hoping would happen if we were patient. So thankful for that Baxter.

Your crawling is now lightening speed and you use absolutely anything you can find to pull yourself up. I'm wondering how the Christmas tree is going to fair this year. The stair gate continues to fascinate and frustrate you.

When we take you out of the bath so your brother or sister can get it in you are mad, mad, mad. You want to be in with the big kids.

Entertainment this month has included banging the toilet lid, eating soap, bashing up Lego, reading peekaboo books with glee, snuggling Billy Penguin and getting a lick of Daddy's chocolate covered pudding spoon. Life is good.

baxter 1.jpg
baxter 4.jpg