This Life

We limped through the last week of term with a revolving cast of coughs and colds. Grier seems to have a sore ear today, and is pretty miserable and Baxter does not seem quite right either. I think I have manflu. It's really, really bad. No it's worse than that.

The kids came with me to my school for Secret Santa which was great. I got such a thoughtful gift and the big kids hoovered up all unattended snacks. Christmas parties this week were enjoyed and just this morning we took a canal boat ride and met Santa. Family and friends to see in the week coming and finishing up all our final preparations will keep us busy I'm sure.

she is frequently preoccupied with the decoration on the tree. she wants them to be just right. i have no idea where she gets that from........also I'm going to blow this picture up big for my december daily album.


building towers for baxter to knock down. he's a machine

pinterest has me in it's grasp.  i saw an image of a chalkboard drawing like this and made my own slightly shonky version. the kids loved it and spent ages adding special finishing touches which was exactly what I hoped they would do.

no-one could accuse this Santa of not being jolly. he was all that and more.

if grier looks annoyed that's because she was. she had a really sore ear and was not impressed by the santa boat trip. i mean she played along for the important bits but she wasn't happy about it. poor wee lamb.