Good News!

Excellent news. It's December. Which means December Daily time. Which means me having to blow the dust off my camera every day. Which means photos for This Life posts. You lucky ducks.

I sort of feel like I'm standing still and just letting December whistle past me at break neck speed and trying not to fall over. And it's only day 4.



never knowingly leaves a drawer unemptied


cuddle or death grip?

writing a letter to santa requires some research on the Lego website......

cannot stay away from a telly. your telly, my telly, any telly. Also isn't supposed to be emptying that cupboard. sigh.

can put the radio on and dance. as shown here.

day 4 of advent books and I remember why I wrap up 24 books every year. because it's so exciting. and i will do it until they are 37 if they'll let me.