Oh yes he is - 11 months!

I thought as it's panto season I'd go with that.

At eleven months Baxter is a delight. He has mastered pointing. It might be the cutest thing ever. Especially when pointing is matched with a cock of the head and a 'dat?'

He slays me with 'dat'. He makes so many different noises and babbles and squawks all day long. He can climb the stairs with ease now. He will pull up on anything and has started to let go for a few seconds before landing on his bum.

If a sibling is cuddled on my knee he will make his way over and push them off as best he can to make sure he can perch up beside me and cuddle in. He could play peekaboo for a hundred hours I'm sure. His day really gets going when Brodie and Grier are home from school and he can follow them from room to room searching for mischief and mayhem.

As we rush headlong towards your first birthday Baxter I vow to revel in your babyhood for as long as I can whilst enjoying each and every new trick you master you clever little sausage. You are my little star of wonder and I couldn't love you more.

Baxter 1.jpg
Baxter 2.jpg