I got my camera back!

I can't tell you how many times I've reached for it over the past couple of weeks and been sorely disappointed that I don't have it to hand. I've been all over Instagram, obnoxiously so for the time my camera has been away but prepare for a flood of photos in the next few posts if you will.

My family joke with me that nothing happens without me taking a photo of it and they are probably right. I didn't realise what a big part of my daily routine using my camera is though or how much I would miss it when it was gone - a lot. Even on days when there's no time for knitting or sewing or anything else there is always time to snap a few pictures. I so enjoy seeing my photographs on the laptop screen both for the memories they capture and because I can see if I've doing something well or tried something new. I'm addicted for sure.

The work on my camera was done under the warranty and took 4 weeks less than we thought it might so I'm feeling lucky.

Of course the minute I had it back in my paws I was snapping away, and Greig will be delighted I'm posting these photos of him in his pyjamas. Delighted.