This Life

Another week of ups and downs. Sometimes it feels like we're flying high and the next minute perilously close to crashing and burning. It feels like Baxter has been forever but really six weeks young is still very tiny and we are all still getting used to this new gig.

This week saw Brodie's first assembly at school. In my completely objective opinion he was fabulous. I'm sure at some point I'll stop welling up at all such occasions and get through a whole performance without that tell tale lump in my throat.

Being in Brodie's school makes me feel so lucky that he is where he is. The people teaching and guiding him are fantastic. Enough said.


current fave snack, apple with space butter (or peanut butter if you're not grier)

what do you do with a grumpy, overtired grier? give her rice and spoons and bowls to play with