Baxter at Two Months

So unlike your sister Baxter I didn't post a one month update for you for a number of reasons. Sorry about that, I promise though that you did indeed turn one month old on the 9th of February and you celebrated with milk, burps and sleep. I was there and it was fabulous.

Now however you are two months old. Two whole months. You are now an accomplished smiler, such a wonderful grinner. You are beyond fascinated with two big children you see around a lot - a Brodie and a Grier. You love to spend your time gazing at the dots of the fabric which lines your pram hood. You love to kick your legs in all directions. You are strong and wriggly. You like to be swaddled and cuddled. You seem to enjoy being the the midst of it all but when you've had enough you give me that look which seems to be you pleading with me to get you out of the hustle and bustle so you can have a rest, sensible boy.

Sometimes after a long day I like to reward myself with a soak in the bath. In the weeks before you were born I spent a lot of time in there. And I look down to where you used to be. Despite my predictions I only have one new stretchmark as a result of your pregnancy. It runs down the left hand side of my tummy, high up. It's where you used to hang out, on the left side with your feet in my ribs. Close to my heart. Which is where I hope you'll always find to be the best place to hang out.