This Life

So if we're Instagram friends you'll have seen all of this before. If we're not Instagram friends then why the heck not? Look for me, I'm teacaroline, it's where I completely overgram my completely mundane life and I'd love to see yours too:)

This week has been good. Greig is still in not quite back to work full time limbo which I'm enjoying immensely and my head is firmly in the sand over the fact that pretty soon he's not going to be around during the week and it's quite possible the wheels on this shoogly old bus might well come off good and proper. Baxter is pretty chilled and contented - for a newborn baby that is and Brodie and Grier are in a really nice place where they are happy to play together for extended periods which allows me to feed the baby/change nappies/sneak in a row of knitting.

Their current favourite game alternates between pirates - fair enough and babies. The latter involves changing nappies, breastfeeding each other and squeezing into the Snuzpod Heather kindly lent us  (I promise it's still in one piece Heather.....)

I find my mind wandering during nightfeeds. Why is the hard shoulder called the hard shoulder?

My camera has been handed to the repairers and I'm waiting to see if the fault is covered under the warranty and/or which of my children I'll need to see to pay for the repairs.....

And now I'm braindumped......

Enjoy these phone photos (my phone photos suck)

greig was working last sunday from home so to give him some peace while Grier and Baxter napped Brodie and I made an Angry Birds Star Wars puppet theatre. He was so diligent and careful, it was a fun way to spend a few hours with my big boy.


brodie takes videos and photos with my phone all week long. I usually delete a couple of hundred every week but this one is fab. even if i look like i'm made out of polka dot fleece (i am).