Baxter at 1 month

Baxter has been an outside baby for 1 month. I was very emotional when he was a week old, but 1 month is fine. He's still a newborn right?

He still seems brand new to me. Snuggly and cuddly and smells like the best thing in the whole world so he must still be a newborn I'm sure.

It's so exciting thinking about getting to know him as he reveals his personality to us over the next few months, which babies do don't they? And then when you look back it seems like they were always that way. The bittersweet way that babies grow is a familiar pang. You feel like you could cuddle them forever - how often have you heard people say they wish babies would stay tiny always?

But really, it's like grains of sand running through your fingers, like trying to catch sunbeams in a bottle. If they stayed tiny forever then this newborn stage wouldn't be so special. It wouldn't pass in the blink of an eye and it might lose the heady rush you get holding your freshly made babe close.

He's pretty easy to please, milk and cuddles and he's pretty much good to go. He sleeps well - for a newborn - long may that continue please. He has terrible hiccups which I think upset me more than him and is smiling. He weighs 11lb 2oz which probably isn't unusual for a baby who weighed 9lb at birth but is slightly blowing my mind.

See? Smiling! Love you Baxter

(Click for one month old Grier, poor Brodie was born pre blog)