I was a bit dismayed yesterday when I saw some disappointed mummies on social media who felt they hadn't been appreciated enough on Mothering Sunday. Not because I think it's normal to expect a two year old to select and wrap your favourite Jo Malone candle and woe betide those toddlers who don't fulfil the brief but because it's sad that we feel such a pressure to celebrate special days in a way which looks pretty on Instagram and displays to the world how much your family loves you.

Mothers Day is one of those days which can separate us into have or have nots if we let it. I have children, my arms are literally full of children. But I like to think I celebrate them everyday and whilst my days are mostly taken up with caring and wiping and feeding and cuddling I know my children appreciate what I do - as much as they can. I know because when they are upset I can make it better, when they hurt I can soothe, when they are hungry I feed them, when they are tired I help them to rest. I can do all of those things for these little people and they run to greet me when I come home from the occasional jaunt away from home for a few hours. I don't think an expensive gift would make me feel more appreciated, these little things make me feel more loved than that.

I know there are women who have lost children, who are struggling to have children, lots of men and women who have lost their Mum and a myriad of other circumstances which might have made yesterday a rough ride emotionally. I can't pretend to understand their feelings or make things any easier for them but I can appreciate my fantastic family and in the process honour those who yearn for someone not yet born, who will never be concieved or who has gone.