Brodie at Six

When I had a baby six years ago smartphones were not really a thing and there was no tv on demand. I know. I know.

How did I survive breastfeeding my firstborn? I'll tell you how - by browsing the internet on the laptop using my toes. I'm not even kidding.

But a lot has happened since then, Brodie is six. Six years old, six years wonderful.

Dear Brodie

You can run so fast, ride a bike, read a book, compose a song and a million other fantastic things. In the past year since your fifth birthday you have discovered Star Wars, discovered football and discovered that chocolate flavoured cereal 'Os' exist. You are a boy with a big heart, a gentle touch, an easy humour and an iron will. A good combination I like to think.

You are as curious as ever, your smile is truly contagious. You like to make up rhymes and you flip numbers around in your brain, playing with them. You love playing Star Wars Lego on the Wii with your Dad.

You play with Grier a lot. You like to play Pirates, or Star Wars or sometimes Fairies at her request. You lie beside Baxter and talk to him stroking his soft cheek and you become visibly upset when he cries and you think  he is sad. Big brothering is your jam and your siblings adore you, as do we.

At not quite six you have retained an innocence which I wish I could preserve in you forever. You are open and come by your happiness and hurts honestly.  I see your Dad in you, the wish to keep life simple and take people by their word. You see the best in the world and it's inhabitants.

You think there is nothing funnier than nonsense words and changing the words to any of your favourite stories has you in hysterics.

I am revelling in this time of knowing what will make you laugh, knowing which toys will light up your eyes, how to make it better when it goes wrong, because something tells me it won't last forever......

Have the happiest of birthdays my lovely boy, I love you to the moon and the stars, to Jupiter and Mars.

Love Mum x