Is this a dance place?

We went to see the Lichtenstein exhibition on the day of our anniversary.

I'm a big pop art fan and I taught as many lessons about it as I could when I was teaching art. So any opportunity to see Lichtenstein's benday dots up close was something we couldn't let pass. I loved his 'reflections' pieces which I've never come across before and the Water Lilies pieces were beautiful. I mostly spent the time with my nose as close as I could get so see the details of the screenprints or staring from the other end of the room. Great fun.

I have to say that the gallery staff are welcoming enough although one staff member did follow us the whole way - I think buggies make them nervous but we are always careful honest! I have to say the other patrons of the gallery could not have made their distaste at the presence of a three year old and tiny baby more obvious which was sad. It would never put me off taking them but it did make me sigh. Why is our national art gallery any more yours than Grier's?

Grier, true to form was fabulous. She asked me if it was a 'dance place' perhaps because of the wooden floors? And when I said no she just ignored me and danced and sang all the way round. She chose a bright pink macaron as her snack of choice - classy girl - and delighted in the sculptures on display. She was most impressed with the classical nudes. I was most impressed with her joie de vivre. Dance on little artist.