This Life

I've had several experiences this week where

a) People thought Baxter was a girl.

b) People thought it was fine to recoil when I told them I had THREE kids. I mean I'm no Michelle Duggar, three is pretty normal people. People with 2 siblings back me up here.

c) People thought it was fine to tell me they didn't even realise I was pregnant - even though I last saw them at the height (maximum bumpage) of my pregnancy. That's just cruel.

Anyway on to what the grandparents are waiting for - photos!

We stiopped at Craigie's Farm for lunch. The served me a massive pile of cous cous smack bang in the middle of my supposedly gluten free lunch. Just an FYI in case you want to avoid wheat you probably don't want to be presented with granules of, eh, wheat?

when your sister is a sticker fiend.....

i'm going to be a bit bereft when this is no longer my view when falling asleep....

You might have noticed Brodie has featured less on the blog recently, partly because he is at school during the day, partly because he's not immobile and/or a show off and partly because he's 6 now and I'm starting to think he might prefer to choose whether or not I take his photo to be displayed here. He'll still be here now and again I'm sure but I want to give him a bit more choice. Just so you know:)