This Life

Things went up a whole new level of crazy this week with the arrival of the builders to start the loft conversion and Brodie's sixth birthday. We like to mix up the crazy around here.

The building work seems to be going well although really, what do I know? I can tell you there is a big whole where the ceiling of my craft room used to be and you can see up into the loft. It's very drafty and possibly more dusty than it was before the works commenced but we'll never know for sure because dusting has been low priority since Baxter was born, ok it's been low priority always. Let's move on.

Brodie enjoyed his birthday. He was chuffed with his presents - I love that he basically tells us exactly what he wants and then is surprised and delighted when he opens them. So fun.

He had to go to school - boo - but was happy with his '6' badge which he wore all day. After school he listened to a chapter of his new audio book 'How to Train Your Dragon', watched some Clone Wars, played with new toys and had his birthday dinner of choice. Later Granny and Granda visited and had cake and ice cream with us. We have his party on Sunday which is our first foray into parties for lots of kids so who knows how that will go. As long as Brodie has a good time, all will be well.

I've discovered this week the very best way to spend the 3 hours between baby feeds. You could take a nap, read a book, clean like a madwoman. All good options but the very best is to have a full body scrub and massage. I cashed in my Valentine's present and by the end of the session I was actually struggling to speak coherently. I felt like a wobbly jelly - that's a good thing. The therapist said I was carrying tension in my shoulders - see above for the crazy.



birthday boys eat steak pies


world book day outfit choice. let's just say i wasn't disappointed that he wanted to wear something we already own and i didn't have to whip up something obscure at the last minute......