This Life

Second week of Easter holidays done.

I am whacked. Seriously, school holidays are exhausting. Which is weird because when I was a full time teacher with no kidlets I was always exhausted getting to the holidays.

We've packed a lot in - even without Daddy being around. Garden centre sprinklers provided much fun followed by milkshakes for the littles and black, strong coffee for Mum.

We took a trip to the country park which then turned into a hastily arranged picnic lunch. I say picnic, I mean crisps, ice lollies and some dried apricots the children begged me to by in the the farm shop - weirdos. It was fun and reminded me that kids don't need much to feel like it's a special occasion.

We've had fun at home too, with the big kids playing really well together which makes me think that sharing a bedroom, which they both really want to do, might not be such a terrible idea.

Thanks to a generously provided sleepover by grandparents the baby got to pretend he was an only child and call the shots for the afternoon. He opted for lying on the play mat kicking, some sneaky sniper peeing during nappy off time and an extra long splash in the bath. He knows how to live that Baxter.

I also took the opportunity to purge Grier's room of a lot of the trash (she says treasure) she hoards in there. And found all the missing toys she's been asking me about for months. Very satisfying, but even when I removed three bags of miscellaneous junk there wasn't room for everything that was left. More purging in my future I suspect.

I'm really going to miss the big boy next week. Starting school has really made me appreciate my time with him.

could not love this more

this would be when i very nearly panicked upon realising the baby was most definitely not where I had left him. Grier has used the play gym to drag him into the enemy base. obviously.

everytime i walk past this sleeping babe i have to stop myself taking a photograph. this time i failed

i've played lots of ninjago this week. this is kai in case you are not familiar - he's the fire ninja.  i blame this on you vivienne - you brought him the comic and the whole ninjago thing kicked off big style:)

brodie spent a long time talking about the boulder blaster ship. baxter spent a long time listening carefully.

my helpers, helping. and grier wearing her coat and jammies.