This Life

Back to our routine this week, school runs, homework, and knitting!

Grier has been punctuating our week with cries of 'you're confusing me' which she uses to mean 'you're really pissing me off' and 'I'm so proud of you' which means 'thank you for the highly prized chocolate petit filous sucker'. It's a shame she has so little personality and feist.

Baxter has taken to screaming when the school bell rings and the happy escapee children spill into the playground which necessitates me pushing the pram and carrying the baby while trying to keep the hands of the other two. You don't have to be a maths genius to work out I don't have enough hands for that rigmarole. So please pray he learns to tolerate bell ringing soon.

Brodie sings to Baxter when he cries which makes me cry. And Baxter cries when Grier cries which makes me want to cry. All the crying.

And finally, people who park on double yellow lines outside school playgrounds are scum. Just walk the extra twenty metres people, it won't kill you. So dangerous, so stupid and it's chipping away at my belief in humanity.

just your usual 'doing the dishes' attire

she was made for sunshine

and swinging

keepin' cool

a trio of couch potatoes

That's all! No doubt I'll be back here same time next week:)