You are my Sunshine

We skipped to the park last week.

Grier skips a lot, after all why walk when you could skip?

And she played for a bit in the park but was subdued, out of character. I noticed that every time a child walked past the park  her wee face lifted a little then fell when she realised that they weren't coming to play. After another couple of slides she decided it was time to go home for lunch.

'Mumma' she said 

'It's less fun without Brodie. I would have more fun at the park with a friend'.

And that's when it happened. The first time I felt my heart pulling. That thing when your little one needs to begin to make their own way in the world. To make friends. To do things without their Mama being two steps behind. And sadly for me I now know that this is just the beginning. And I know that it hurts. It feels uncomfortable and necessary and sad. 

And looking at these photographs I see a girl with long limbs and crazy long hair and I wonder where my toddler went. And I realise that I am so lucky to have had so much time with her, to know her and love her. To have her chatter drive me nuts, to have her paintings and pictures and block towers to admire. To call her mine, even if it's just for a little while.

You are my Sunshine Bella Boo.