Baxter at 3 Months

You had your first trip away from home this month Baxter, a visit to Montrose. Your smiles come thick and fast and you make a whole cacophony of noises. Like your brother and sister before you, there is a lot you need to tell us. Shrieking and squeaking and gurgling. Kicking your legs is another favourite activity along with a little practise rolling onto your sides - but not all the way over yet - to see what a nearby sibling is up to. You light up when Daddy comes into your eyeline without a doubt. But your very, very favourite thing is the bath. You shake with glee when you hear the water running and wriggle out of your clothes so you can get in as fast as possible. You are very, very sad when bath time is over though, which makes me sad too. I didn't dare to dream that you would add so much joy to our family, yet you do. You remind us all to take the day as it comes, to keep things simple and the pleasure of a full tummy and somewhere to rest our heads.