This Life

This week has seen the start of post partum hairloss. About which I am rejoicing because I'm fed up of having so much hair. Weird I know.

The building work is inching closer to the end. Everywhere is covered in a fine layer of dust which definitely was not there before work started (ahem).

I had the chance to visit Brodie's classroom this week which was just lovely. He proudly showed me his work and pointed out things he talks about at home. It was a real treat.

Is Baxter teething? I'm not sure but he's definitely had a few off days this week although there has still been much giggling and smiling to buoy us up even on the most stressful day.

Greig and I have now doing the Whole 30 for about three weeks now. I'll probably blog about it soon but we are both feeling pretty good so I'm happy to see it through to the end and maybe even beyond? Anyone else done it?

There have been several moments this week when I've thought I should get up and get my camera and capture whatever is happening but I didn't. What can I say? Lazy.......

in safe hands

oh thumb, where have you been all my life?

uncle douglas was treated to a full on lightsaber battle when he visited

when i asked her to get ready for the bath i didn't really mean bring the telescope but whatever, it's cool