Baxter at 4 months

I'll be honest with you Pumpkin, I'm struggling to form coherent sentences this month so this may well be brief and senseless. It's not your fault - well not entirely - feel free to sleep more, that would be nice. I've come to the conclusion that baby 3 is the Crazy Maker. Not you personally, just adding a third to the mix makes more things more crazy. But I'm embracing the chaos and one look at your wee face and I am completely overwhelmed with how fantastic you are.

A year ago we found out you were on the way. Life is unimaginable without you now, Lovely Boy.

You've been unsettled at times this month which has been a bit of a shock. You still smile at people all day, erry day. Once in a while you cry and turn away and weirdly you will have nothing to do with either of your grandfathers, but I'm sure you'll get passed that! You scoot about all over the playmat and half roll from side to side to catch a glimpse of a sibling rushing by. You have found your thumb and we're thinking that may be the end of swaddling for sleeps but don't want to speak too soon. And you definitely said 'Mum' at least twice despite what your father might tell you.

Keep on growing Baxter and take us along with you.