This Life

We have recovered from the pox but as I write this the big kids are in bed both with horrible headcolds, so you know swings and rounabouts. And germs. We are still moving furniture and belongings and hanging pictures and I predict we'll be finished getting the house in order by about 2017. Get excited folks.

This week Grier has mostly been finding matching words. Or you know, words that rhyme as the rest of the world describe them. But don't mention it because she can be very t - o - u - c - h - y about it.

'twas my birthday. and this was the best thing about it

I spend one princely pound on glow sticks which really got the party started. we had such fun. especially when grier invented a game called 'dance around the elephant' which was strangely reminiscent on 'dancing around a handbag'..........

this baby be like ' when do i get to eat stuff?'

new digs

no really, when do I get to eat? I has the fork ready and everything


i think baxter's face says what we are all thinking

these boys. they hold my heart in every way