This Life

Grier was living life on the edge this week and unfortunately she fell off. She was in major trouble over a carpet incident but reparations are being made and she is now back in posession of elephant. Please let next week, the first of the summer holidays be easy breezy and without drama.

i do not need a nap

daddy day cake. toffee sponge, butter icing, salted caramel sauce. disgusting.

greig had to work on father's day but we wore our best daddy themed apparel and sent him drooly smiles which i'm sure sort of made up for that. a bit.

this is exactly what i imagined might happen now we have stairs and a bannister

grier likes to do her washing up by hand. unlike her lazy, dishwasher loving mama

i'm now on the receiving end of a giant pile of finished work. teacher's remorse.

last school run of primary 1.get in!

primary 1 is done! he pretty much has a smile on his face everyday at hometime but this one was extra wide:)

first day of P1, last day of P1. still so handsome. still star wars mad. still lego mad. still the best boy

the morning light in the kitchen is like angel song for my photographer's heart

and finally. who wore these beautiful sailboat rompers better? HRH Prince George see him here - beware this is a link to the Daily Fail, if you are morally opposed just google image instead. or Prince Baxendale?

thank you granny and granda:)