This (sickie) Life

So a month or so ago I was having a tough time getting through long days with my 3 littles on occasion. I blogged about it. And now Caroline today is laughing at Caroline then and telling her she better pull her boots up and brace herself because what she thought was hard going then is going to look like Pina Coladas on Copacabana Beach within weeks.

Grier had Chicken Pox and I knew it was likely the boys would develop spots too. Grier was on the mend last week and I rapidly went downhill with a throat infection which eventually required antibiotics. A few days after Baxter showed a few spots and within a few days his entire little body was covered. His eyes, nose, ears - they are absolutely everywhere. His wee scalp is scabby and sore and it was all desperately sad. My heart hurt just to look at him and if I could take them away I would do just about anything. A few days later Brodie showed a few spots and they are still springing up all over him too. On the very worst day of Baxter's discomfort and Brodie becoming more unwell I was giving Baxter a bath to soothe his spots and distract him Grier came into the bathroom and I knew from her colour she was going to be sick. I held out my hands and she was sick in them - why do Mums do that? She got over the sickness bug pretty quickly thank goodness but I think my living room rug is done for......

When we were considering whether we should add to our family I didn't figure in what on earth I would do if they were all sick at the same time. But now I know what to do, the only thing you can. You just get on with it, try to keep everyone comfortable and aim for survival rather than anything fancy like eating dinner or doing a pee more than once in 12 hours. I have barely been out of my house for nearly 2 weeks and I've survived. At some point in the future I will be afforded more than two hours of consecutive sleep. It's not been pretty at times but fingers crossed we'll be better soon and we can get back to more fun pursuits.

this was when I thought he had a lot of spots but actually this was nothing, poor wee mite. I have more photos but it feels a bit wrong to share them here. If you want to imagine me pale, with dark circles, unkempt hair and a random assortment of clothes picked off the bedroom floor then that would be about accurate today:)