This Life

I'll be honest and tell you I've had a bit of post holidays glumps this week. Sigh.

The kids though have been straight back to it. Playing, reading, eating and repeat. Coming back to our house has given us a bit of motivation to get on and get pictures hung on walls and to sort out more storage for the playroom. Any tips of how to organise playrooms would be well received.

this boy has been eating solid food for about 2 weeks. we're now doing breakfast, lunch, dinner and anything else he can get his chubby little fists on. love it.

being in the middle is his happy place. with the big ones.

he will play at rolling on the bed for hours. back and forth. peekaboo

sunday night teatime is my favourite. 5 of us round the table. tonight grier wanted to tell a story around the table and we were all happy to join in. i know for sure it's moments like these i will remember and probably tell them about a million times.