This Life

Thanks in part to the weather this week has been everything you would hope for from school holidays. The paddling pool has kept Brodie and Grier busy for hours everyday. We've played tennis, football, dodgeball and tag over and over as well as games the kids have made up themselves. They are so fabulously, wonderfully busy, I love it. Being outside all day seems to make them grow before my eyes.

collecting garden strawberries in our pyjamas

brodie and grier thought he needed a blanket. and a billion toys

all that splashing is exhausting. this is the best timed triple nap of my mothering career. i totally enjoyed more than an hour of wimbledon. game, set and match. i thank you.

busy children are hungry children

bubble machine antics

current favourite photograph. this is so her, my wild.

happiness is two buckets of water and some water balloons. and a sibling to live it up with.