Baxter 6 months

It appears I don't actually have the ability to bend time at will. I can no more stop him getting any older than I can stem the tide.

This past month has been sweet and wonderful and as crazy busy as ever. I love this stage where your tiny baby is becoming more and more expressive. His face lights up when he sees us, he squeals with delight when his brother and sister come into sight. He naps well, he loves baths, he sleeps all night - at least 12 hours which is blissful.

The rolling and scootching are my favourite. The very first tastes of solid food and the way he cuddles in tight when there's a loud noise or an unfamiliar face in his orbit. The early morning feeds when both of us are still sleepy.  There has not been one day in the past 6 months when I haven't kissed the top of his soft head and said a little thank you for the most precious and longed for gift.