This Life

So, on looking back through my photos from the last fortnight it appears we just lounged on the sofa for two weeks. See?

Today we had another birthday lunch for the other Grandad. (All the August birthdays here). The kids had so much fun with their cousins. I remember those days from when I was little when the adults were too busy talking to really pay attention to the fact that you are jumping off all the beds, and everyone is happy, and there is cake. Some of the best days.


ugh, so handsome

tiara, check. elephant, check. cake, check. carry on.

oh here we are loafing about again

Just kidding, things have been as busy as ever. We are building up to the start of the school year, building up to Grier starting nursery and thinking about how things are going to change in the next few months.  I will no doubt feel the the need to tell you ALL about it sometime soon.........