This Life

The weather was suitably autumn/winter in July so we didn't get out in the garden much but we were busy getting ready for a special party.

multitasking, telly watching, milk drinking baybee

handprint banner decoration. painty. there were footprints too but we did those in the nude so probably not suitable for interwebz sharing. also i was not nude.

mr independent in the bath, all is fine until he tries to roll over......

Greig's dad, David had a special birthday, you can also see Greig's maternal grandfather to the left.

greig's face here is hilarious. the cake fireworks were quite vigorous......

greig and his siblings, and grier in her ever present tiara

musical statues is a serious business, i think you can probably guess who the winners were....

Two weeks of summer holidays left and I know they are going to fly by. I need to start thinking about school uniform and labelling everything the children own but not quite yet. I'm hoping we can make some more memories, have a few more adventures and just enjoy having all the time in the world with each other. Oh and the bake off starts this week, hurrah!