This Life

A week of two halves. Monday and Tuesday were still 'summer holiday' days and started with typically lazy mornings. At the beginning of the holidays I felt under a bit of pressure to have activities lined up to fill the seven long weeks which stretched ahead. I made this 'boredom' jar filled with activity starters which would keep Brodie and Grier busy especially on those days when the baby would be napping and we couldn't go somewhere fun.

But it's still sitting unopened on the shelf, never once did the kids say they were bored. I'm astounded. I think having the new playroom really helped. It's all the same toys they had before but all in one space and layed out so they can see them. I mean frequently it looks like a bomb went off in there but I'm trying to keep it somewhat organised. Brodie and Grier have played lots of imaginative games together and also have spent a lot of time playing alongside each other - usually Brodie with Lego and Grier with beads or duplo or drawing something. I also didn't allow TV until after dinner time - with the odd exception for a film here and there and a couple of weeks when we watched one episode of the new season of Ninjago in the mornings. Not as a punishment (for them or me!) but they are just much nicer when they play and don't just passively watch TV. I'm really keen to keep limiting screen time because I really think it helps get the kids into the habit of making their own entertainment and gives them time to just be. It also gives me a secret weapon for those times when things really threaten to go belly up.

I can honestly look back on the whole 7 weeks and say that most of it was fantastic, with the odd meltdown or whinge here and there which is pretty normal I would say. I understand that for lots of families childcare is a massive issue in the holidays but we don't have to worry about that yet and embracing and even slower pace of life suited us all!

And then there was school! Brodie wasn't massively keen on the thought of going back which I took to be a sign he had enjoyed the holidays, but when the day came we all walked him to school and he was chuffed to back with his friends. He really is quite a sensitive wee soul but I love that he just gets on with things and is a glass half full kind of a guy.

This week Grier gave me a lesson in gravity which was frighteningly accurate and had a good giggle when Daddy took her to ballet and put her shoes on with the elastic around the back of the foot and not over it.......

and my baby ate flat peaches with passion and joy