This Life

 Last week I took the (big) kids to see Inside Out. We really enjoyed it but I spent quite a bit of time feeling really uncomfortable when I realised I look just like Sadness. See?

Ah well. I'm going to embrace my little black raincloud......

Grier started nursery this week. She was fabulously unfazed by the whole thing which was much easier on my tender heart, so thank you Bellaboo. She's been pretty tired in the afternoons but already this new routine feels normal. I can't believe she is nearly four, although sometimes in conversation I feel like I'm chatting with a 14 year old!

The Galaday last weekend prompted Brodie to ask why there is always a Gala Queen and not a Gala King and I didn't really have a good answer for that. But he got to dress up as a Lego block so a happy boy he was.

The kids managed to amass a fantastic amount of sweeties, good work team.

Last Sunday Greig was working but the weather was so beautiful I really didn't want to stay at home. So we packed up and headed to our favourite beach. It was so windy! Still incredibly warm and Brodie and Grier just got on with it as I tried to stop everyone's belongings from disappearing in the gusts. We did the park and digging holes and sandy sandwiches and all the usual stuff. Taking the three kids out on my own is hard work definitely but they are so good and enjoy it so much I never regret it.

Now we're all wondering is that summer over with?