7 Months

I feel like I wrote your sixth month post yesterday Baxter.

I checked though, and really are seven months old today. This month you rocked your first holiday, you rolled about like it was your job. You made so many noises including a particuarly impressive growl. And you ate big boy, grown up food like a boss.

Last month when we were starting the whole weaning thing I admit to wishing we could just not bother. You were having 4 or so ten minute breastfeeds a day, sleeping twelve hours, no messy clothes to clean up, no messy floors to clean up and no extra preparation of foods. But you enjoy eating so much I feel bad for feeling like that at all. Sitting at the table with your siblings, eating when they eat, laughing when they laugh is a joy for you and me. You eat breakfast with your Daddy everyday and you enjoy it so much. And we still have time for snuggles.

I know when I look back on this time, your first summer I will be able to recall your gummy, beautiful smile in crystal clarity. I will still remember the feel your chubby hands around my neck. I will be able to relive the soft kisses I land on the top of your downy head a hundred times a day.

Keep growing beautiful boy, keep learning and stretching and reaching for what you want.