This Life

The parenting gaffes of the last week are as follows. Turn up for a birthday party a day too early, check. Allow baby to bash head off door when performing his most acrobatic move to date, check. Watch your youngster push over another youngster out of frustration in the playground in front of the assembled school run parents and want the world to swallow you up whole, check. In Grier's defence she had started politely but she just.wouldn't.move Mumma. So I pushed her over said in steely defiance. Sigh.

We're ticking along here, finding some nice quiet times in amongst the madness. Picking up Grier from nursery is now the new normal and returning to get Brodie a few hours later gets us back to a full house. Baxter is struggling a bit with not quite having the crawling together yet and Mum is struggling with the accompanying, frustrating whinging.........

Grier skips and dances down to nursery every day. But afterwards she is still tired and spent. I think I may have forgotten or underestimated how much new experiences take out of little ones. Taking everything in and keeping it all together are tough and the tiredness and frustration creep out when they are back with us in their safe space. It feels like a privilege though not a burden to be her sounding board and I'm happy to be here and have our quiet time in the afternoon when Baxter sleeps.

This afternoon we took and unscheduled, unplanned, unprepared for (no nappy bag!) trip to the soft play. Normally I would have said no, but today I said yes. And we had a lot of fun. Say yes!

The weekend is so close I can almost taste it. Can't wait.

baxter complaining (not) about cuddles and entertainment from aunties v and k

she's been printing a lot this week. I'm only allowed to help by squeezing the paint out....

before nursery

after nursery.......

this boy is 6.5 years old today. he is the boy who made me a mama and who makes me smile until my face hurts everyday

this boy likes to play tug or war with daddy

someone celebrated his 88th birthday this week. and two other little someones were jubilant with ice cream cake:)

this is what friday evening looks like. jammies, blankets, pillow pets and Lego Hero Factory

What are your plans for the weekend? I'm hoping for cool days, hot coffee and family time. Brodie has made an apple crumble request which I'm more than happy to fulfill. Have a good one!