This New Year

So I'm perfectly aware it's mid January. But in the interests of capturing my life in chronological order within the pages of this here digital scrapbook I'm going to need you to pretend time travel back a few weeks. Then once we've got that out of the way I can share Baxter's birthday with you, m'kay?

So here we go.....

Hogmany = eating

somehow, somewhere along the line hogmanay was declared 'stripe day'. so we all wore stripes and made this sign a lot. international sign for 'stripes' innit?

brodie stayed up to watch ET.  a little reminder that one of the littles is not so little anymore.

and then it was time for more food. rack of venison with a port and blueberry sauce. red onion tarte tatin. star anise carrots. quite often i'm critical of food i make but i'm happy to say i stuffed my face with all of that and loved it. gluten free lemon tart came out not too shabby either. enjoyed some delicious rhubarb and ginger gin. i suspect it's a good thing i don't eat this way every day.......

happy new year!

still with the make up



there were magic tricks in our crackers. watching him master them was the real magic