A First Birthday

I remember previous first birthdays being really momentous. The build up and the come down and the tears over my baby getting so big. But this time around I just enjoyed it for what it was. A celebration of my tiny son. And it was lovely. His siblings swarmed around him, there were plenty of adult arms to lift him up. Cake, presents, cuddles. Perfect.


We celebrated over both days of the weekend - well why wouldn't you? Family at home on Saturday and extended family and friends who count as family on the Sunday. He is so well loved this boy, I hope he always feels it. And he also has all the feels for cake. Seriously this cupcake disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The party was sort of penguin themed. I mean Baxter hasn't exactly told me he likes penguins but he's hinted heavily. And having a birthday two weeks after Christmas it seemed only right to embrace the chilly.

All pictures of Baxter I promise.

We made this penguin game which kept the big kids busy for a spell. We actually painted two penguins but somehow lost it before the party. And I still haven't found it. I mean how?

The little ones all in the arms of a big one who loves them. Even the almost seven year old who's actually pretty heaving now........love this picture.

great granda and great grandson mutual appreciation society:)

Auntie Fiona and Isla were very good sports playing a game which involved whoopee cushions and small children laughing hysterically.

Thank you everyone.