Baxter is One

I make no apology for the number of photos in this post.

My baby he will always be. Perhaps he won't like it much but there it is.

This last year has been the quickest of my life. It has flown by faster than I can comprehend.  Someone has had their finger firmly pressed on the fast forward button. (remember the fast forward button?)  I get to the end of each and every day and feel like I haven't let my breath out once. 

I often feel like there is just enough of me to go around. Sometimes I feel like I'm being stretched too thinly and sometimes the end of my patience comes far too quickly. All the same I know this is the time which will define me for the rest of my life. No matter what comes after this, these years are making me what I will become. Not for a minute do I think I'm finished learning, working, discovering but after these years at home with little ones I feel I can pretty much take on anything. Which is a weird dichotomy because I'm so far removed from the 'real' world.

And somehow I've made this post about Baxter all about me........sorry little man!

Here he is!

Bax 1.jpg

My one year old, I still can't believe we got to do this again. And with you sweet boy.