Baxter calls toast 'pop' and it's one of the million things I never want to forget.

I was chatting with a good friend last week. Her children are a smidge older than mine. We talked about how you think things will get more straightforward once you leave the baby stage behind. But actually we've discovered there are still so many things to worry and fret about. It doesn't calm down, it doesn't really get easier just different.

My baby calls toast 'pop' and the biggest is everyday growing a tiny bit more independent. Finding his own way, experiencing things away from our immediate reach. Falling out with friends, dealing with arguments, making up with friends, feeling anxious or uncomfortable, making mistakes. All the parts of life which are pretty much the same whether you are 7 or 37 or maybe 77. 

I hope my children know I love them. I hope they feel it in the things I do for them and the time I spend with them. And the way I squeeze them tight and feel their heads might pop off. No seriously, is that just me?

This is just a reminder to myself that while I'm in the thick of it,  as long as they feel there is a safe place in a storm, here beside me then I'm doing ok.