This Life

Two blog posts in a month. Whooah there Caroline. 

The last couple of weeks have been big in the world of Grier. She won a Mother's Day competition run by Waterstones and her drawing is being used in their national advertising. If you visit a Waterstones branch they should be displaying posters which feature her picture and if you see it will you let me know? 

It was very exciting for us all to go along and see it and for Grier to pick up her prize.

dishwasher obsessed. i wonder if this domestic streak comes from me?

prepping for world book day. do you know who he is?

sit with your sister and let me take a nice picture. nope.

billy the penguin is this baby's best bud. forever.

would you mess with captain no beard?

and this weekend was Grier's first dancing show. she was so ridiculously grown up. She skipped off backstage without me. She came on stage without a hint of nerves or trepidation. She danced, she smiled. She rocked it. Proud doesn't begin to cover it. 

And this week someone in our family is turning 7. I know, how can that possibly be? Hold me.