Lots been happening. Too much to write about it here. Been trying to stay on the exercise train by making it a habit that sticks rather than something I do when everthing else has been taken care of.

I always wish I had more time for reading. I can't make any more time in my day - especially not when I'm trying to fit exercise in daily too. But I can listen to podcasts and audio books whilst I cook and clean and do all the other things which need done. I'm really enjoying this Happiness podcast even though I didn't manage to finish the book. An episode of the Freakonomics podcast never fails to both entertain me and make me feel like I've learned something too.

Still eating mostly Whole 30 compliant meals. It's been a year since I first started that particular journey and I'm so glad I did. It's changed the way I see food completely and changed the way I feed my family.

I'm reading this book by Oliver James and finding it has provided lots of food for thought. I can only actually read a little bit at a time because I need to mull over the previous section before I can move onto the next.

And finally I'd really like to buy a pair of dungarees. But am I too old? Am I not hipster enough? Am I delusional to think they are cool?

All very important questions.